Northern Rockies Regional Center, LLC

NRRC was approved in 2011 by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as an EB-5 Regional Center. We are permitted to help foreign individuals obtain U.S. permanent resident visas through investment in the state of Montana, United States of America.

Foreign Investment

Enjoy the benefits of not having to manage the day-to-day affairs of the new commercial enterprise, and instead focus on other jobs or business interests in the United States with an EB-5 visa. NRRC's experienced and trusted investment team understands what it takes to responsibly manage investment capital, oversee complex development projects, and create and operate successful companies in the northern Rocky Mountain region of the United States.

NRRC is approved for mixed-use real estate investments, and clean-technology and alternative energy technologies. To date, NRRC and the USCIS have approved a $225 million mixed-use real estate, riverfront, redevelopment project located in the heart of a Montana college town.

The first of two phases of our real estate project, the Old Sawmill District, are sold out.

NRRC provides EB-5 investors with superior value for their money. In addition to gaining the freedom to live, work, and retire anywhere in the U.S., regardless of the location of your EB-5 investment, the principal applicant's spouse and children under 21 also qualify for visas under the same investment.

EB-5 Visa (U.S. Green Card)

The fifth employment based visa (EB-5 Visa) preference category, created by Congress in 1990 is available to immigrants seeking to enter and live in the United States by investing in a new commercial enterprise that will benefit the U.S. economy and create jobs in America.

NRRC offers immigrant visas to qualified foreign investors who wish to obtain residence in the United States by investing in businesses that benefit the economy and create jobs in Montana.  An investment of $1,000,000 (and in some limited circumstances $500,000) in a job creation venture is required.

Prospective investors must complete an application and be qualified by the USCIS.  Once the investor application is approved, a conditional residence status for two years will be granted to the investor, spouse and minor children (under 21).  If after two years the investment has created at least ten jobs, either directly or indirectly, permanent residency will be granted.  U.S. citizenship can occur three years later.

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